The ability to move products around the world at lightning speed has become common practice in the logistics industry. Our objective at GRA-MAG is to provide your seat solutions.

"We are creating something new at GRA-MAG. The focus has shifted to providing drivers the ultimate performance experience in comfort and control. Our focus remains committed to developing seat systems that reduce driver fatigue, with a focus on Comfort, Performance and Safety."

Partnership between Global leaders in Seat Systems

GRA-MAG was formed in 1998 as a Joint Venture between Grammer AG and Magna Seating. The intent of the JV was to utilize the expertise and best practices of both firms to pursue the Heavy Truck Market.

The objective was to create optimal ergonomic appeal that focused on comfort, performance and safety.

The JV has been successful by recognizing the importance of driver fatigue and safety. The GRA-MAG seat systems focuses on minimizing pressure points, minimizing noise and vibration of the seat and maximizing lateral stability.

As the JV expands in the market place, we continue to provide complete seat systems through our design, manufacturing and test services. The ultimate objective is to become the industry leader of the Heavy Truck seat systems.


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