Truck Seat Technology

Haptic Perception – “is the process of recognizing objects through touch"


GRA-MAG has designed and developed an ergonomic truck seat system that takes advantage of Haptic perception by positioning feature controls in the optimal ergonomic location on the seat. Our truck seat technology gives you ample control over your seat’s positioning. The haptic perception brings a new level of intuition and comfort to make those adjustments.

Every button has a different shape or feel in order for the driver to recognize the feature and execute the function, creating "haptic perception." This allows the driver to keep their head up and eyes on the road for safer travel.



Over Center Suspension (OCS)

The Over Center Suspension allows the driver the ultimate comfort as it maintains the truck seat suspension over the center of the seat pan reducing driver fatigue. The GRA-MAG seat also has the belt latch mounted to the seat structure which opens up the Cab space by removing the need for an ICP bar and tethers. Thanks to that additional cab space, our ergonomic truck seats ensure a more comfortable and less cluttered working environment.

With GRA-MAG, you're choosing unparalleled comfort, safety, and innovation that will elevate every journey. Learn more about our semi air ride seats so that you can use innovative truck seat technology to handle every haul safely.


Our advanced seat technology systems are ranked best in class...

An independent test using Class 8 truck drivers ranked our seat best in comfort, ease of use and suspension stability 
— Center for Biosciences/Magna Seating and MGA Test Labs