Choose a Truck Seat

Choosing a truck seat may be the most important decision you make in your career as a driver. There are so many factors to consider, and finding the right combination that works for you can be a challenge. At GRA-MAG, our semi-truck seats help drivers on long-hauls stay comfortable, focused, and safe. Let’s learn how to choose a truck seat so that you can experience each of those benefits on any drive.

Types of Seats

Truck seats come in standard and low-profile seats, which are defined by their suspension stroke and how high they sit without air. Standard seats sit at 14-17”, while low-profile seats typically sit at 12-15”. Each has a suspension stroke of 5-6”. Low-profile seats work best in delivery-type trucks and cab-over trucks. For long-haul, semi-tractor-trailer trucks, a standard seat is probably the better choice.

Understanding how to choose a truck seat requires knowing how the suspension impacts performance. Air suspension systems reduce road impact, making them ideal for long-haul environments. The right suspension delivers superior support and comfort.


Padding thickness and materials vary between truck seat manufacturers. If you can, always test a truck seat by sitting on it before you decide to purchase it. The difference in padding can be substantial. Choose a seat from a manufacturer that offers a thorough explanation of the type of padding and the thickness they use, as well as the expected lifespan of the padding in the seat based on the number of miles you drive.

Lumbar Support and Adjustability

A critical part of new seats for trucks is the lumbar support. Most newer model seats will have adjustable lumbar support, so you can set the seat for the amount of lumber support you want.

Other adjustable settings you should consider are built-in climate controls for heating and cooling your seat, adjustable armrests, and memory settings to retain your preferred levels of lumbar support and the positions of your armrests and headrests.

Appearance and Upholstery

You spend a great deal of time in your truck—often, it’s your home for 60 hours a week. Our guide to semi-truck seats wouldn’t be complete without mentioning your choice of upholstery, and the overall design of the seat. Whether you choose less expensive cloth upholstery or luxury leather, you also want the shape and curvature of the seat to look appealing in your cab. Once you choose a semi-truck seat, commit to keeping it clean and free of stains or tears. That way, the hours you spend in your cab will be more pleasant, and more comfortable.

Find the best semi-truck seat for your ride today at GRA-MAG. Learn more about choosing a truck seat for long-haul trucking, so you know what to look for in seats that provide support, suspension, and relief from vibrations.