What Is the Most Common Truck Driver Injury?

What Is the Most Common Truck Driver Injury?

Aug 17th 2023

While driving a truck may feel like a safe job, some potential risks exist that can lead to injuries. This risk is why it’s so important to know the common injuries for your job. Knowing this information allows you to mitigate these potential injuries. That said, what is the most common truck driver injury, and what can you do to prevent it?

Back Pain

Simply put, the most common injury for anyone who drives a truck over long distances is back pain. Sitting still in one position for hours at a time can build up pressure and cause lasting damage to the spine and back muscles. Luckily, you can utilize certain methods to prevent back pain on your long drives.

Good Posture

Improving your driving posture is very important when combating something like back pain from repetitive stress. You want to keep your back straight and your shoulders back, distributing weight evenly on both hips. Ensure you’re also sitting back in your seat. Doing so will help support your back throughout the drive.

Regular Breaks

One of the worst things you can do is try a drive a long distance in one go. Your body needs breaks to relieve the tension from the stagnation that builds up over time and to avoid problems with circulation. Plan regular breaks on your trip and do stretches to help relieve the pressure in your body.

Ergonomic Seats

Your seat is another important part of your body’s care, as a good seat will best support your back. Look for seats that offer lumbar support and invest in extra cushioning if you need it. You can invest in new aftermarket semi-truck seats that help support your back and keep your body cool during the trip.

Your back is vital for everyday life, so do what you can to protect it. While it’s the most common truck driver injury, you can prevent it by taking good care of your body and investing in proper truck ergonomics. You may improve your quality of life and spare yourself lasting pain by making these changes.