How Can Truck Drivers Improve Their Posture?

How Can Truck Drivers Improve Their Posture?

Sep 15th 2022

People who sit for long periods every day are at risk for several negative health outcomes, especially if they have bad posture. Incorrect posture when sitting at an office desk or while driving a vehicle can result in back, neck, and shoulder problems, as well as inefficient blood flow. Keep reading to discover how truck drivers can improve their posture.

Spinal Alignment

When sitting in your driver’s seat, your back should be pressed all the way against the seat. The back of your head should rest comfortably against the head rest. Correct alignment supports the natural curve of your spine and eliminates tension, therefore decreasing your chances of injury during a driving accident.

Keep Limbs Loose

While slightly bent, and with your back pressed against your seat, both your arms should be able to reach the wheel comfortably. The same goes for your legs—you should be able to reach the pedals with your legs bent about two inches away from the edge of the seat. Raise your seat and adjust your pedals until you can sit in your driver’s seat comfortably.

Adjust Mirrors

You should be able to see out the front windshield, rear view mirror, and side view mirrors without tilting your head at different angles. A simple turn of the head should be all you need to see your side view mirrors correctly, so adjust them until they’re in the right position.

Utilize Lumbar Support

If your seat has the option, make sure to adjust the lumbar support so it is in the correct position. Position the lumbar support so it is in the curve of your spine, just above your pelvic area. Adjusting this support will greatly alleviate stress on your back from sitting all day.

Driving Comfortably and Safely

Though sitting correctly is one of the ways truck drivers can improve their posture, that only works if they’re using a quality driving seat. Many drivers and fleet managers forget that replacing the driver’s seat is as important as other types of truck maintenance. This means that many drivers are sitting in worn-out chairs with unsatisfactory performance.

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