What Are the Main Pillars of Truck Ergonomics?

What Are the Main Pillars of Truck Ergonomics?

Sep 8th 2023

Truck driving puts a lot of stress on the body, as sitting in one position for hours with repetitive movements can cause all sorts of health issues. That’s why ergonomic options that help reduce the strain on your body as you drive are so important. Discover the main pillars of truck ergonomics to help you get the support you need.

Better Mirror Placement

Most people don’t consider their mirrors when driving, but turning your head to see can cause stress in your neck and body. By moving your mirrors to precise locations, you can lessen the stress of looking around your truck. You can invest in bigger mirrors to better prevent stress and to make it easier to see.

Larger Doors and Steps

Stepping into and out of your truck isn’t an easy task, especially if your legs are stiff after a long drive. Investing in a large door can make it easier to get in and out of the vehicle without straining your body. Steps can also help as you gain a foothold and make getting into the truck a lot easier for you and your body.

Comfortable Seats

Your seat is the most important part of the truck when it comes to ergonomics. You’ll be sitting on it for hours at a time, so it should support your body during the entire trip. Looking for good seats to replace the factory models can help you immensely, like these ergonomic truck seats. Your chair should also provide lumbar support, sufficiently propping up your back.

Steering Wheel Changes

The steering wheel is another part of your truck that can use some improvements to be more ergonomic. One good change you can make is to install turning knobs on your wheel. These knobs will give your hands a rest from performing the same motion repeatedly, reducing strain.

The above are major ergonomic truck changes you should consider for your vehicle. Each of these changes can help you prevent repetitive stress injuries and make a big difference to your comfort on long and short hauls. Investing in good ergonomics is important for your mental and physical well-being.