Ways To Avoid Heat Cramps While Truck Driving

Ways To Avoid Heat Cramps While Truck Driving

Jun 2nd 2023

Heat cramps are a horrible experience for any truck driver, and you want to do everything you can to avoid them. They are a result of your muscles spasming from losing too much water or electrolytes and are one of the first signs of overheating. Here are a few of the steps you should take to help prevent heat cramps.

Wear Light Clothing

Clothing is very important for regulating your heat and keeping cool while driving. Don’t wear multiple layers because you’ll overheat quickly. Try to wear light, loose-fitting clothing in bright colors. This way, your body can vent heat without obstruction, and the bright colors don’t absorb heat like dark clothes.

Drink Water

One of the biggest risks in truck driving is dehydration from long drives. This can cause heat cramps as your body lacks the water necessary to function as it should. Make sure you’re drinking liquids that aren’t caffeinated or alcoholic to keep up your hydration. While these drinks may taste good, it’s illegal to drink and drive, and caffeine and alcohol make it harder for your body to regulate heat.

Use a Cooler

Your rig should have a cooler somewhere on it to help you stay cool. Outside of keeping some drinks cold during the drive, you can also put in a towel or two that you can wrap around your neck when you start getting hot. Once you cool down, you can put the towel back in the cooler so it’s ready for next time.

Use Additional Venting Options

Some semi-truck driver seats come with extra features that can help you vent heat away from your body. Combine these useful options with the above tips for maximum comfort while driving long distances.

Following these tips will help you avoid heat cramps when driving a truck. This is important as heat illness is very serious, and preventing heat cramps can help prevent overheating.