Ways To Keep Truck Seats Cool in the Summer

Ways To Keep Truck Seats Cool in the Summer

May 4th 2023

Driving around in the summer heat can be tough for a truck driver. Temperatures in some parts of the US can reach triple digits, and the A/C in your cab may not be up for the challenge. One of the worst parts of driving in the summer is getting into a truck that has blisteringly hot seats. Continue reading to learn how to keep truck seats cool in the summer.

Lay Down a Towel

If you’re in a rush, the quickest solution is to just lay down a light-colored towel so you have some insulation between yourself and the heat from the seat. If you get out of your truck for a pit stop, the towel will keep the sun’s rays from turning your driving seat into a frying pan. Just make sure you regularly change out and wash any towels you use for this purpose since they can trap bacteria.

Buy Seat Covers

Seat covers in a light color are another good option. Lighter colors reflect UV light, which means they don’t absorb as much heat from the sun. Darker colors do the opposite, which is why car seats can get so hot in the summer. Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter whether you have fabric or leather seats—they’ll both heat up the same.

Use a Windshield Reflector Screen

Another way to keep truck seats cool in the summer is to use a reflector screen. These are folding screens you can prop up in the windshield of your truck cab to act sort of like curtains. They have a silver metallic coating that reflects UV light and keeps the sun’s rays off your car seats. Reflector screens can also help keep your truck cab’s temperature down.

Upgrade to a Seat With A/C

The best way to combat a hot seat is to upgrade to one that has its own air conditioning. This feature occasionally comes standard with newer cabs, but it’s often something you’ll have to upgrade on your own.

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