Truck Driver Ergonomics: What To Do To Improve Your Ride

Truck Driver Ergonomics: What To Do To Improve Your Ride

Aug 25th 2022

Anyone who sits or stands in the same position all day knows that ergonomics are important for avoiding negative health consequences. Truck driving, which requires long periods of sitting, is no different. Follow these steps for truck driver ergonomics to improve your ride.

Adjust Your Seat

Most truck driving seats have several adjustments so you can better accommodate your height, reach, and other things. For the least stress on your body and optimal truck driver posture, adjust your chair so you are sitting straight, back fully against the chair, and your knees no more than one inch away from the seat. You should be able to look out the front windshield comfortably, without having to tilt your head up or down.

Stretch While You Drive

As you’re driving, remember to adjust your position every once in a while. Stretch your wrists one at a time, reposition yourself in your seat, and roll your neck once or twice. This will help prevent truck driver back pain and avoid that creaky sensation you feel getting out of your truck after hours of sitting.

Release That Tension

Whenever you’re sitting in one spot for a long period of time, it’s easy to accidentally clench your stomach, jaw, and hands as they grip the wheel. This adds unnecessary stress to your body and can even affect your mental attitude. Remind yourself at regular intervals to unclench your body and relax a bit.

Achieving Better Driving Ergonomics

There’s a lot you can do to get the best ergonomics while driving, but a poor-quality chair will work against you. Over time, a chair’s suspension may soften, possibly contributing to spine damage if your seat keeps hitting the cab floor on rough roads.

If you’re looking for the best truck driving ergonomics that will improve your ride, check out GRA-MAG’s aftermarket semi-truck seats, which provide optimum driver comfort without sacrificing safety. We’re also releasing a new line of seats called SteadyRide that reduce up to 67 percent of whole-body vibrations for the smoothest driving experience. Let us help you protect your health and enjoy your time on the road.