What Kinds of Accommodations Can Truck Drivers Get?

What Kinds of Accommodations Can Truck Drivers Get?

Aug 18th 2023

Driving a truck isn’t an easy job; both the active and sedentary aspects of the role strain the body. Fortunately, reasonable accommodations exist for people who want to work in this industry but have physical limitations. Here’s a look at the accommodations truck drivers can get from their employers if necessary.

Loading Tools

Truck drivers frequently need to move and load things in and on their trucks, which is physically demanding. That’s why hoists or cranes are some of the most common accommodations to make moving things possible for people with motor impairments. These loading tools are very simple to implement and install in a truck and are easy for most drivers to use.

Comfortable Seats

Quality seating is vital for truck driving, as you need to sit in one place for hours to get from point A to B. Truck drivers know the value of a good seat to make the drive comfortable by supporting the body. Therefore, a good accommodation for every driver is investing in the most comfortable semitruck seats out there. Plus, comfortable seats are accessible accommodations available to all truck drivers!

Driving Assistance Tools

Driving assistance tools are some of the other most common accommodations a truck driver can get. Things like pedal extensions to make it easier to reach the pedals and a turn handle on the wheel can make driving movements more feasible and ergonomic.

Reasonable Accommodations

The important thing to know when it comes to accommodations is what constitutes reasonable accommodations. Legally, a company must provide accommodations for qualified employees if these accommodations don’t cause unreasonable issues for the company. Sadly, there’s no uniform measure for what constitutes undue hardships for a company, so you’ll likely need to talk to an expert for your particular needs.

Truck drivers face a lot of problems on the road, and their jobs require a lot of physical labor, but accommodations can help more people do the job. If you have the qualifications, you can work as a truck driver by securing these accommodations.