The Health Benefits of Air Ride Semi-Truck Seats

The Health Benefits of Air Ride Semi-Truck Seats

Oct 21st 2022

If you’re wondering whether upgrading your semi-truck seat is worth the price, you’re not alone. Thankfully, the data is pretty conclusive: air ride semi-truck seats have many health benefits for drivers. Read on to find out what these state-of-the-art driving seats can do for you.

Relieve Joint Tension

If you find yourself developing pain near your knees, elbows, and wrists, you may be experiencing joint tension. This pain develops because your body is not comfortable with your current seating arrangement, whether it's because you have too little space or too much. Air ride seats relieve joint tension through maximum adjustability that fits to your body’s needs.

Protect Spine From Road Bumps

The suspension on a semi-truck seat has an important job: it keeps the bottom of the seat from hitting the floor of the cab. Doing so prevents shocks from bumpy roads from transferring to the driver’s spine.

Unfortunately, many truckers don’t replace their driving seats, even after the suspension has worn out. If you want to protect your spine from damage, switch to an air ride seat, which uses two kinds of suspension.

Safeguard Your Nerves

Your nerves form a complex network throughout your body, and it’s this network that enables physical sensation and feeling. When you sit in a moving vehicle every day for long stretches of time, your nerves can become less sensitive. An air ride seat can protect your nerves from damage through reducing the transfer of road vibrations to your body.

Help Skin Breathe

Many older cab seats are made of low-quality material that doesn’t breathe well. They’re also covered in years of sweat from multiple drivers. That combination can create chafing and other skin problems for anyone using an old seat. By contrast, many air ride seats are made from high-quality leather that resists moisture and keeps you cool.

Investing in an air ride semi-truck seat has many health benefits for drivers. You can find the perfect semi-truck seat at GRA-MAG. Our air-ride seats fit many of the major cab manufacturers like Peterbilt, Volvo, International, Kenworth, and more. Call or email us today with any questions you many have.