The Benefits of Becoming an Owner-Operator Truck Driver

The Benefits of Becoming an Owner-Operator Truck Driver

Sep 29th 2022

Becoming your own boss is a popular theme in career advice, but did you know it can apply to truck drivers? By some estimates, about 11 percent of truck drivers in the US are owner-operators, meaning they deliver freight as independent contractors. Check out these benefits to becoming an owner-operator truck driver.

Make More Money

Probably the strongest motivation for most owner-operators is making a lot more money by cutting out the middleman. Trucking comes with its own set of costs, and while owner-operators have to take care of business expenses on their own, the additional money can make the decision well worth it.

Set Your Own Schedule

Company truck drivers often set their schedules to be available for morning dispatchers. This can mean being up until early morning one day, then having to take a break mid-day the next. As an owner-operator, you get to organize your schedule based on the jobs you take.

Work With Companies You Like

If you started as a company driver, you might have learned some information that will benefit you as an owner-operator. Do certain companies take a while to unload your truck? If you don’t want to deliver for them, you no longer have to.

Choose Your Destination

There are both practical and fun benefits to owner-operator trucking. If you like driving in certain parts of the country because of the views or natural parks, you can take more jobs that let you travel to those regions. If you decide to add a short weekend trip to your route, no one can stop you!

Maintain Your Own Vehicle

Paying for licensing and maintenance on your truck by yourself may not sound fun, but it means you can make your own decisions about repairs, who works on your vehicle, and how much money you’re willing to spend. You can also choose to include things like your driver’s seat as a business expense, since it directly impacts your ability to do your job.

Too many truck drivers are stuck with worn-out, sub-par driving seats that make driving harder than it should be. As an owner-operator, you don’t have to put up with a bad seat. If you’re looking for 18-wheeler seats for sale, GRA-MAG can provide you with a top-quality adjustable air-ride seat that protects you from spinal and nerve damage. Call or email us today and let us help make your ride smoother.