The 5 Best Holiday Gifts for Truck Drivers

The 5 Best Holiday Gifts for Truck Drivers

Nov 30th 2022

Life on the road isn’t always the easiest, and truckers often have trouble with eating healthy meals, getting good sleep, and avoiding boredom. If you have a friend or loved one who’s a trucker, you might consider getting them a gift for the holidays that will make life easier. Check out what we think are the five best holiday gifts for truck drivers.

LED Headlamp

Headlamps are useful for truckers in a number of situations. Sometimes, truckers have to inspect their vehicles for maintenance issues when there is poor lighting. Truckers often make deliveries at night and in the early morning, which can make walking around dangerous. While flashlights are very helpful, headlamps are better since you don’t have to hold them in your hand.

Portable Diversion Safe

A diversion safe is a secure container designed to look like something it’s not, such as a rock. A portable version takes the shape of something small and lightweight, like a book or soda can. Just like other vehicles, semi-trucks are vulnerable to theft when parked for the night or idling. A diversion safe is a great way to offer truckers a sense of security in the form of items that won’t take up much space.

Air Ride Seat

An air ride seat is a bit of an investment, but it can make a world of difference for the truck driver in your life. Air ride seats have an additional pneumatic suspension that protects the driver’s spine from road vibrations and shocks. Most are also adjustable, so drivers can actually sit in the correct ergonomic position for driving.

New Mattress

Most truckers aren’t assigned to brand-new trucks with they sign on with a company. That means the mattress in the sleeper berth could be old. When a mattress gets old, it’s not able to properly support your body during sleep, which can lead to aches and cramps. A new mattress is a gift that every truck driver will appreciate.

Portable Oven

These devices have a lot of different names—you may see them called portable ovens, electric lunchboxes, or portable slow cookers. Regardless of the name, a portable oven is an insulated fabric box that looks like a large lunchbox. At the bottom is a hot plate that can heat up food. Instead of putting food onto the hot plate directly, place a food container inside the box, close it, and let it heat up slowly to enjoy a hot meal on the road.

We hope these five holiday gifts for truck drivers give you the inspiration you need to make the trucker in your life feel special this season. If you’re looking for semi-truck air seats for sale, look no further than GRA-MAG. We carry top-of-the-line air ride seats, including our new SteadyRide seats. Call or email us to learn more.