Reasons Truckers Should Consider Team Driving

Reasons Truckers Should Consider Team Driving

Dec 14th 2022

It’s well-known that trucking can be a difficult career. Driving for long periods of time isn’t easy, and it’s even harder when there’s no one to talk to. One solution to these problems is team driving, where two drivers take shifts on the same vehicle. Discover these reasons truckers should consider team driving.

You Can Make Better Time

The most practical advantage of team driving is that you can make better time with your deliveries, potentially earning more money. People tend to pay more for faster delivery service, and that’s more possible than ever when you have two people making one delivery. When one driver’s shift ends, the other can simply take over to keep the load moving.

It’s Less Physically Demanding

Let’s face it, sitting in one spot for hours and concentrating on the road isn’t easy. Thankfully, with team driving, both drivers can take shorter shifts and they’ll still make better time than a single driver would.

Truckers who drive alone sometimes clock their rests when they’re not technically resting, like when they’re waiting in line to make a delivery. With two drivers, there is less pressure to take these corner-cutting measures for the sake of delivery time.

It Makes Trucking Less Lonely

For the drivers, the biggest reason to consider team driving is that there’s someone else to talk to while you’re out on the road. Even if you’re not best friends, you and your driving partner can make conversation and share your job frustrations. Even just having someone else present can be a big bonus for people who work otherwise isolating jobs.

Team Driving Is Safer

When two people are in a vehicle, it’s easier for them to notice any problems with the truck’s performance that could become dangerous. Additionally, if both drivers are watching the road, there are two people looking out for potential hazards instead of one.

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