Avoiding Highway Hypnosis as a Truck Driver

Avoiding Highway Hypnosis as a Truck Driver

Jan 25th 2023

There’s nothing more dangerous than falling asleep while you’re driving. Thanks to the constant hum of your truck moving, it’s easy to get lulled into a sleepy state of mind. Thankfully, there are ways for truck drivers to avoid highway hypnosis. Keep reading to learn more.

Keep It Cool

Most people like to sleep while their bodies are nice and warm. Therefore, if your cab is nice and toasty late at night, you might find yourself getting sleepy. Crank up the A/C and drink cold beverages instead of hot ones while you drive to mitigate your drowsiness. The cold temperatures will keep you more alert.

Play the Right Music

If you find that your body is threatening to nod off while you drive, it can help to play some upbeat music. How fast is fast enough? If you can dance to it, it’s upbeat (though we don’t recommend dancing while you drive). Talk shows and podcasts with rapid dialogue can also be good options to help keep your brain awake.

Keep Your Eyes Moving

Staying safe while you drive means keeping an eye out for nearby cars. Most drivers do this by keeping their eyes moving by looking ahead, then in the rear and side mirrors. If you’re starting to get sleepy, chances are you’re not paying as much attention to your mirrors. Force yourself to shift your gaze, and it will be easier to avoid highway hypnosis as a truck driver.

Get Plenty of Rest

If you’re not getting enough sleep when you’re on your breaks, that’s a problem. Not getting enough sleep is a huge part of what causes drivers to fall asleep at the wheel. We strongly recommend that you do whatever is necessary to help you fall asleep while on break. Use sleep masks, white noise, and earplugs if needed.

Comfort That Keeps You Safe

If you’re struggling to sleep on your breaks, it might be that your driving seat isn’t protecting you from road vibrations. When your body senses road vibrations, your muscles tense up, and sometimes they have a hard time relaxing again. Upgrade your cab seats with aftermarket semi-truck seats from GRA-MAG. Our air-ride seats have dual suspension to keep your spine and muscles protected.