4 Strategies To Manage Truck Driver Arthritis

4 Strategies To Manage Truck Driver Arthritis

Jul 7th 2023

Arthritis can cause intense pain when doing everyday activities, so it’s a big hindrance for people who perform repetitive tasks all day. Truck drivers can experience pain from arthritis if they don’t know the strategies to manage their symptoms on the road.

Driving Adjustments

A simple change that can mitigate pain with arthritis when driving is adjusting the position of the driver’s seat. The distance between your seat and the wheel, the height of your wheel, and your distance to the pedals can all affect your arthritis on the road.

Ergonomic Attachments

Repetitive motions and stress on your body can cause all sorts of problems and flare-ups. So, consider investing in ergonomic options for your vehicle. A spinner knob can make turning the wheel a lot easier and require less strength. Hand controls can relieve a lot of the pressure on your legs when applying the accelerator or brakes.

Chair Changes

A good-quality seat supports your body and mitigates pain caused by arthritis. You can get great commercial truck seats for sale that support your back comfortably. Additional features like heated seats and extra cushions can alleviate intense pain while driving.

Follow Recommendations From Your Doctor

While you can alleviate arthritis symptoms on the road in many ways, you should talk to a medical professional before making changes. Your doctor will give you the best advice about what’s safe for you to add to your truck. Research your options and bring them to your doctor to get the go-ahead before trying any of these changes.

As long as you are careful, you can do a lot to manage arthritis as a truck driver. Then, you can continue the long haul while minimizing the pain you feel along the way. Just be sure to make these changes after consulting a medical professional.