3 Ways To Make Your Semi-Truck Sleeper Feel More Like Home

3 Ways To Make Your Semi-Truck Sleeper Feel More Like Home

Jul 29th 2022

When your work week involves 60 hours behind the wheel of a big rig, with overnight stops in truck parking lots, the comforts of home seem far away. These are three ways to make your semi-truck sleeper feel more like home.

Bring Bedding From Home

If you must sleep in your semi sleeper, make your bed as comfortable as it can be. Invest in a good bunk mattress and some high thread count sheets made to fit a mattress of that size.

But don’t limit comfort to sheets. Bring a favorite pillow and pillowcase from home into your big rig sleeper cab, along with a soft, warm blanket like the one you’re always hogging when at home sleeping next to your partner.

Download some free “sleep music” to help you drop off, and hang up some blackout curtains to create a dark cocoon where you can get some solid rest.

Improve Your Seat

Back pain can keep you awake. When you must sit for hours on end driving, you should be sure your seat provides substantial support and has good suspension to ease the bumps and jolts of the road. A good seat will also help you maintain a healthy posture while driving. And unlike your favorite recliner at home, it can keep you alert, which is essential for your safety and the safety of everyone else on the road. Think of your truck seat as your executive office chair, and make sure it’s worthy of your “home” office on the road.

It can be tough to give up a seat you’ve spent years breaking in. But once you try a new seat with fresh cushioning, climate controls like heat and cooling, adjustable armrests, and air suspension, you’ll be converted. Look online for 18-wheeler seats for sale.


Who says holiday lights are just for houses? If you like them and they don’t impair visibility, go for it. Add posters of your favorite bands, family photos, and even framed art on the cab wall behind your bunk.

Freshen up your big rig cab with a bud vase, and add a fresh flower every other day. Add a cab carpet, a steering wheel cover, or a decorative seat cover to add color and personality to your truck cab.

You’ll think of more than these three ways to make your semi-truck sleeper feel more comfortable. Concentrate on comfort, individual style, and functionality (like ease of storage) to make your truck cab a place you actually want to spend a night!