Ergonomic Full-Body Vibration SteadyRide™ Seats

Product shipments around the country should occur quickly without discomfort. At GRA-MAG, our cutting-edge SteadyRide™ seats help truck and tractor drivers by reducing whole-body vibrations by up to 67 percent. Drivers are less likely to experience fatigue or need unscheduled stops, as these ergonomic truck seats will keep them comfortable and supported.

GRA-MAG Truck Interior Systems is a joint venture between Magna Seating of America Inc. and Grammer USA, and our company provides the SteadyRide seat for truck and tractor drivers who want a better driving experience by canceling road bumps and vibrations.

For drivers who want a smoother experience, our mission is to reduce full-body vibrations while focusing on improved on-time performance, increased retention, and decreased chronic driver pain. Truck and tractor drivers can say goodbye to back pain and enjoy a better sense of well-being and bodily comfort.

With technology developed by Exonetik and Magna Seating, the SteadyRide™ seat improves full-body comfort and driver performance for easier driving and better focus. Today, the GRA-MAG company continues to provide best-in-class comfort, increased performance, and easy use for air-ride suspension seats. Drivers can find our truck seats in genuine black leather and black cloth to suit their style preferences. Our seats fit in most heavy-duty cabs, with a suspension stroke of 5-6". For long-haul travel, semi-tractor-trailer trucks benefit from the SteadyRide seating. Our seats provide the perfect shape and curvature support for visual appeal and comfort.

Truck and tractor drivers don’t deserve to feel uncomfortable; after all, they work so hard and spend so much time on the road. At GRA-MAG, we will always work to provide the comfort and support every driver needs. If you want to know more about our SteadyRide™ Seats, please email us at for more information.